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Artificial Grass Athletic & Sport Fields Jacksonville, FL

Artificial Turf has been replacing natural turf across all levels of professional and recreational athletic and recreational fields. Artificial Turf Athletic Sports Fields offers many benefits and advantages over natural grass turf fields:

Highly Durable with Virtually No Down Time

Artificial turf athletic fields are versatile and can withstand back to back games and practices.  If you manage a busy venue and are are constantly organizing multiple sporting events, the necessary field recovery, over-seeding, mowing, maintenance and watering time can limit or interfere with your packed calendar.  Artificial turf takes all of those delays out of the equation.

Reduced Water Needs, Cost and Maintenance, Improved Performance

Maintenance costs, especially water use, are much higher for natural grass fields than for synthetic grass surfaces. Natural grass also requires frequent  fertilizing, mowing, seeding and pest control, which can cost thousands of dollars in materials and labor.

What’s more, after installation, artificial turf is ready for use on day one and keeps looking great for years to come with very little upkeep required.  With natural grass, high traffic areas will wear down causing  patchy areas, mud, rock hazards, and inconsistent play.  None of these problems associated with natural grass are present with a quality artificial turf field.

Improved Game Play and Reduced Injury Impact

Our quality synthetic sports turf, and carefully planned padding and underlayment, enhances the consistency of the field, greatly reduces the accumulation of rocks and other surface debris, eliminates patches of dirt and mud, and makes for more predictable ball roll, with fewer injuries to players.

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